(Return of) Universal Horrors Challenge (Sorta)

So, my concentration has unfortunately been very much occupied by other things for the last several months (politics, my day job, and other things that likewise don’t really matter in the grand scheme), and because of this, the “challenge” portion of the Universal Horrors Challenge has fallen by the wayside.  That said, I’d like to get back on the wagon as it were and continue my survey of Universal’s horror film output from 1913 up to and including 1960.  I’m not sure how feasible it is to do that in a year’s time at this point, but I suppose the body of work if not the timetable is what’s truly important.

Going forward, I’m kicking around a few ideas concerning the challenge, this blog, and everything in between.

First, I’m not sure that the podcast format is necessarily working for me–or, at least, I’m not sure it’s working for me by itself.  I’ve noticed that other podcasts, vlogs, and the like simulcast in various forms of media–audio, video, and written in some cases.  I’m entertaining the idea, then, of transcribing my podcast work going forward (and working to transcribe those already released, possibly adding to them in “special editions” or “revisitations” of some sort).  This would allow those who either can’t download the podcast or don’t understand my Ohio accent to get the same amount of enjoyment and information from my posts as those who can.  It would also allow me the option of posting all of my research (including reviews), as opposed to me just awkwardly reading what is on my screen and my screen alone.

Second, I’m thinking of splitting this blog into three: One for entertainment media (movies, books, video games, etc.), one of politics, and one for missing persons and weird or unsolved mysteries.  Why would I do this?  Because in theory, this would be the online equivalent of a fidget-spinner for me, and would allow me to better regiment what I post, when, and how often–basically, to streamline my process.  It’s like folks who set their clocks five minutes ahead so they are never late; they know that their clocks are wrong, but somehow seeing the incorrect time pushes them to be on time more often.  Plus, it would allow me to unclutter my Facebook while scratching all my itches, and while appealing to all my friends and my diverse fan base.

Third, I…uh…well, there is no third.

What do you folks think?  Let me know in the comments section below, or on Facebook, or in a creepy letter mailed to my house and comprised of letters cut from old magazines.

UHC Entry 003: The Bride of Mystery (1914)

A surprise addition to the master list!  Thank God for online archives!

Entry 003a.png
Placard by Tantz Aerine


UHC Entry 003 – The Bride of Mystery


The image of a poster, as part of a Universal advertisement for posters in general.  The Moving Picture World, January 31, 1913.  Vol 19.
The only actual image from the film that I could find–possibly the only remaining image from the film in existence.  Pittsburgh Daily Post, February 8, 1914.  Pg 12.


The Moving Picture World.  January 31, 1913.  Vol 19.

Pittsburgh Daily Post.  February 8, 1914.  Pg 12.

The Moving Picture World.  February 7, 1914.  Vol. 19.  Pg 678.

The Indianapolis Star.  February 15, 1914.  Pg 15.

Women Film Pioneers Project: Profile – Grace Cunard, by Jennifer M. Bean

Senses of Cinema: Brother Feeney – Francis Ford, by Tag Gallagher

UHC Entry 002: The Werewolf (1913)

History’s first werewolf film appears with the Friday the 13th moon.

Placard by Tantz Aerine.



UHC Entry 002: The Werewolf (1913)


The only surviving image from the film.



The Universal Weekly, Vol. 3, No. 24.  December 1913.

Moving Picture World, Vol. 18, No. 10.  December 6, 1913.

The Arkansas Democrat, pg. 8.  December 22, 1913.

The Huntington Herald, pg. 7.  December 13, 1913.

The Burlington Free Press, pg. 14.  December 27, 1913.

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UHC Entry 001 – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1913)

After years of planning, the time for the Universal Horrors Challenge Podcast has finally arrived!

Placard by Tantz Aerine


baggot-hyde“Hey, Lady!”

Entry 001 – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1913)


Grapevine Video – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Collection

AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A SCIENTIST! – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1913)

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Dramatized – Martin Danahay and Alex Chisholm

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