Summer Games Done Quick 2015 – Gamers with Heart

So, yesterday afternoon saw the kick-off of this year’s Summer Games Done Quick event.  What is Summer Games Done Quick, you ask?  It’s a twenty-four hour a day seven day event that sees some of the best speedrun gamers in the world running through video games of all generations across all platforms in the fastest times possible (sometimes breaking world records)–LIVE!

[“Speedrunning” a game means to complete the game in the fastest time possible, often requiring a person to memorize enemy placements and patterns, glitch triggers, environmental hazards, and various other game mechanics.]

Live gaming events (sometimes called “E-Sports”) have been quite the rage lately, and I would equate an event like this to a sort of video game X-Games event.

That’s great, but why should you, dear reader, who do not enjoy video games, care?

I’m glad you asked.  In addition to displaying some of the best gaming skills on the planet, these E-Athletes are performing for a great cause: Doctors Without Borders.  Viewers are encouraged to donate what they can in appreciation of the skills on display, and doing say may change the conditions of the games run (character selection, difficulty mode, glitches used, etc.) or may enter the viewer in raffles for prizes offered during a given game run.  Last year, the event helped raise over $700,000 for Doctors Without Borders.  When’s the last time something you were a part of raised that kind of money for a good cause?  Mom’s basement, indeed!

If you wish to check out some of the events, they are live streaming right now and will continue to do so until Sunday, August 2, 2015 at 2:00 AM (EST).  The link for the event is embedded here.  Take a look, check the schedule, donate, have fun, and, if you dare, be amazed at the skills on display.