The Delphi Murders – 08/08/2017 – Delphi Tips Help Solve an Unrelated Cold Case

So, this is a story that’s about a week old, but it’s important in that it shows that the Delphi police aren’t just sitting on their hands doing nothing, and are actually following up tips that come over the tip line.

According to the WTHR article covering this case, court records indicate that a call came in over the Delphi tip line stating that one Kevin Sellers “killed his uncle some years before and had gotten away with it” in Cass County.

Back in 2007, Kevin Sellers told police that he discovered his uncle David Sellers shot to death in the home the two shared.  Though detectives were suspicious of the younger Sellers, they were unable to piece together a case due to insufficient evidence.  As a result, the murder fell into cold case status–and though numerous hands have touched the case, no new headway was made until the aforementioned tip.

Though he denied it repeatedly, Kevin Sellers finally admitted to the murder during questioning by detectives, stating, “I surrender.”

Though it’s not the break those of us following the Delphi investigation were expecting, it’s certainly a welcomed end to a decade-old mystery–and one which proves that the tip line works.


WTHR – Tip to Delphi investigation hotline leads to Cass County cold case arrest



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