The Delphi Murders – 07/17/2017 – Major Update

So, it looks like my previous wish has been granted.  This morning, police released a brand spanking new sketch of the suspect in the murders of Libby German and Abby Williams–and it’s a damn good sketch, too.  It’s so good, in fact, that I have to wonder how they were able to create it based on blurry, grainy images they’ve released to us thus far.  But this horse is a gift, so I’m not about to check its teeth.


This is precisely what many in the community have requested for many months: a better look at the guy or more audio.

The details of what he did to those girls that night are irrelevant.

Which path he took to do it is unimportant.

That information can come out at the trial.

What matters now is that the people who recognize this filth turns him in as soon as possible.




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