The Delphi Murders – 07/22/2017 – Evidence Update and a Warning about Social Media Sleuthing

So, the good news is that the murders are not a cold case, as the Delphi Police Department reported recently that they’ve received over a thousand new tips since the composite sketch of the suspect was released.

We now know that witness information contributed to the sketch, and that the FBI, the sketch artist (an FBI sketch artist himself), and the Delphi PD are very confident that the facial features are accurate.  The hat might not be, and they’ve cautioned us against paying too much attention to the type of hat in the sketch–but do pay attention to what he looks like in a hat.

As for other information, they believe the suspect is between 5’6″ and 5’10” tall, weighs between 180 and 220 lbs., and has reddish-brown hair.

Here are pictures of the suspect once again:


As a quick note:

The FBI, sheriff, and pretty much everyone associated with the case has asked that social media sleuths stop sending sharing tips with other social media users, and start sharing tips with the police via the tip line (posted below).  Also, stop matching the sketch with mugshots you find on Google Images.  That doesn’t help, and won’t bring the case any closer to closure.

The point of the sketch is to jog the memory of someone who knows this monster or saw this monster that day, in the hopes that this potential unknown witness will put two and two together and report it.  So, do use the tip line, but only report if you have a legitimate tip (i.e. “My brother looks a lot like him, I live in Indiana, and he mentioned he was going hunting near Delphi that day.”).

If you have an actual tip, don’t post it online–and even if you don’t, don’t post it online.  Everyone wants to help solve this thing, and that is admirable–but sometimes the best way to do that is to share the sketch on social media with a quick blurb as to the what, where, and why of the case.  If it gets shared enough, someone will remember something of note–guaranteed.

Anyone with tips can call the tip line at (844) 459-5786 (you can remain anonymous), or tips may also be emailed to


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The Delphi Murders – 07/17/2017 – Major Update

So, it looks like my previous wish has been granted.  This morning, police released a brand spanking new sketch of the suspect in the murders of Libby German and Abby Williams–and it’s a damn good sketch, too.  It’s so good, in fact, that I have to wonder how they were able to create it based on blurry, grainy images they’ve released to us thus far.  But this horse is a gift, so I’m not about to check its teeth.


This is precisely what many in the community have requested for many months: a better look at the guy or more audio.

The details of what he did to those girls that night are irrelevant.

Which path he took to do it is unimportant.

That information can come out at the trial.

What matters now is that the people who recognize this filth turns him in as soon as possible.