The Delphi Murders – Update 04/12/2017

CASE STATUS UPDATE: It has been eight weeks since the girls were murdered, and though the police resources dedicated to discovering the killer have dwindled, apparently 100 tips or so a day are still rolling in, and detectives working the case are doggedly investigating every possible lead.  The police are also awaiting further analysis of evidence (likely the DNA evidence that they were trying to fast-track), but still believe that a tip from a human is the one clue that will ultimately lead to the killer.  It seems that time will tell.

RON LOGAN UPDATE: Ronald Logan was sentenced to three years in prison earlier this week on charges related to probation violation (related to earlier DUI charges).  The Delphi police have stated that, while Ron Logan is still “involved” in the investigation, they hesitate to attach the title “suspect” to him.  Ron Logan is the gentleman who owns the property on which Libby and Abby were found murdered, and a search in relation to the investigation was conducted on March 17, 2017–apparently turning up nothing but additional questions (for us internet sleuths, anyway).  When asked during sentencing if he’s thinking about the future, Ron Logan stated that perhaps in the future, someone won’t kill two teenage girls in his back yard.  I genuinely feel bad for the guy–but if I were him, I’d be thinking really hard about all the people who know how to navigate that property.


8 Weeks Since Delphi Murders
Search for Delphi killer continues


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