UHC Entry 003: The Bride of Mystery (1914)

A surprise addition to the master list!  Thank God for online archives!

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Placard by Tantz Aerine


UHC Entry 003 – The Bride of Mystery


The image of a poster, as part of a Universal advertisement for posters in general.  The Moving Picture World, January 31, 1913.  Vol 19.
The only actual image from the film that I could find–possibly the only remaining image from the film in existence.  Pittsburgh Daily Post, February 8, 1914.  Pg 12.


The Moving Picture World.  January 31, 1913.  Vol 19.

Pittsburgh Daily Post.  February 8, 1914.  Pg 12.

The Moving Picture World.  February 7, 1914.  Vol. 19.  Pg 678.

The Indianapolis Star.  February 15, 1914.  Pg 15.

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UHC Entry 002: The Werewolf (1913)

History’s first werewolf film appears with the Friday the 13th moon.

Placard by Tantz Aerine.



UHC Entry 002: The Werewolf (1913)


The only surviving image from the film.



The Universal Weekly, Vol. 3, No. 24.  December 1913.

Moving Picture World, Vol. 18, No. 10.  December 6, 1913.

The Arkansas Democrat, pg. 8.  December 22, 1913.

The Huntington Herald, pg. 7.  December 13, 1913.

The Burlington Free Press, pg. 14.  December 27, 1913.

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UHC Entry 001 – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1913)

After years of planning, the time for the Universal Horrors Challenge Podcast has finally arrived!

Placard by Tantz Aerine


baggot-hyde“Hey, Lady!”

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