Quick Update – The Fictosphere’s Own Mike Podgor Wins Flash Fiction Contest

As many may have heard, I’m part of a writing collaborative known as The Fictosphere (shared universes, characters, etc.).  Well, one of our own, Mr. Mike Podgor, won 2nd place in the 2016 Ligonier Valley Writers Flash Fiction contest!  Congratulations, Mike!

To read his award-winning flash fiction story, “The Infernal Dozen”, click here.

To check out The Fictosphere and some of Mike’s other work (including a novel and some comics), please click here.

Universal Horrors Challenge – The List (Update #1)

Though I haven’t added anything to the list (those additions will be forthcoming), I have recently acquired a few new pieces:

  1. The Last Warning
  2. The Charlatan
  3. Secret of the Blue Room
  4. Life Returns
  5. Mystery of Edwin Drood
  6. The Black Doll
  7. The Phantom Creeps (Serial)
  8. The Phantom Creeps (Feature Film)

I’ve picked up the novelization of the lost The Phantom of the Violin (1914/1915) by H.M. Egbert (which is a novelization in name only as it amounts to less than five actual pages) and I’m currently tracking down some additional material related to The Cat Creeps (1930) that will help me give the most comprehensive review of the lost film possible.  More updates as they become available.