Updates & Coming Attractions: Vol. 1, Issue 3

Let’s jump right into the updates!

  • I haven’t posted yet this week because…I’m writing a book!  A novella.  Two, actually, if all goes well–the first two books of a series.  There’s a bit of a time limit I’m facing, so August and September become primarily book-writing months.  I’m shooting for 20,000 words each, to be edited in October (probably down to, ideally, 15,000).  The goal is to get these out by November.  It’s a series I’ve been planning with my fellow FictospheriansMike Podgor and J.G. Jerk (pseudonym pending) for years now, so the heavy-lifting in terms of character motivation and plot outlining is done.  Now, I just need to line everything up.

    “How will you push out a book in like a month?” you ask.

    “Like the pulp novelists of old,” I answer.

    The time limit doesn’t allow for “high art” or “high concept”, but that doesn’t mean I can’t present “low art” smartly.

    November is the drop date because the genre in which I’m writing is super-spy.  So, James Bond 007, The Avengers (60s show, not the Marvel Comics superhero team), The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Danger Man/Secret Agent, The Prisoner, and the like.  Guess what else comes out this November?  A little movie called SPECTRE, which is the next installment of the James Bond 007 film franchise.  Thus, it’s the perfect time to release a pair of super-spy stories, and continue them on through the release of the feature film remake of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.–regardless of how dismal that movie will likely be (all the more reason to read my books!).  It’s a form of cross-pollination, and in terms of business, it’s just bloody good sense, whot! I will keep you all updated as more information becomes available.  Who knows…I might even post a chapter or two (or all) here as a preview!  Maybe even character dossiers?  I’m sure I’ll figure it out within the next month.

  • While I haven’t made a public post thus far this week, I have been pecking away at three articles I have “scheduled” for release in the far-flung future.  Like setting one’s clock ahead five minutes, scheduling posts gives me a feeling of urgency, but also a feeling of relief because, while I feel rushed to make the posts, I know they won’t post for awhile.  I’ve experimented with this in the past a little, which is likely why some of you may have seen a couple of half-posts pop up and disappear here-and-there.  Even so, I think I’ve got it down now.  So, while I am working on the aforementioned releases, I will be making a post by this coming Monday (because that post is near completion, along with two others).

I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t think of what that “more” entails for the life of me.  This post will, then, likely be updated and edited as I get my thoughts in order, so keep checking back today!  Or don’t!  It’s totally up to you.